Figurants EP nominated for Toronto Independent Music Award

Brad’s Figurants EP was recently nominated for “Best Jazz Instrumental” at the 2016 Toronto Independent Music Awards. The EP was released on February 1, 2016, marking 20 years since the publication of David Foster Wallace’s novel Infinite Jest, of which each composition is directly based on. The recording features Lorenzo Castelli (drums) and Kevin Stolz (piano) on every track, as well as performances from Colleen Allen (soprano/alto sax), Jeff LaRochelle (tenor sax/bass clarinet) and Aidan Sibley (trombone).

A complete list of nominees can be found at

Brownman Electryc Trio nominated for a TIMA!

The Brownman Electryc Trio has been nominated for a Toronto Independent Music Award in the “Best Jazz” category. The BET’s most recent record Gravitation was released June 2013 and features a plethora of great bassists, including Damian Erskine. Daryl Angier, former editor-in-chief of CODA Magazine, described me as “one of Toronto’s most 20-something electric bassists” in the album’s liner notes and it has been a blast to be a part of this band for the last year and a bit. Onwards and upwards!