Brad Cheeseman Group studio update

Here’s a little update for those who are wondering about the status of the Brad Cheeseman Group debut full-length album:

On Feb. 15/16, the band (with Lorenzo Castelli, Robert Chapman, Sam Kogen and Chelsea McBride)¬†recorded the entirety of the record, with the assistance of our awesome, secret producer (to be revealed soon, don’t worry). A lot of the tunes have been played frequently by the band, while a couple are a little newer or less-frequently performed.¬†After listening to the unmixed recordings over and over for the last couple of weeks, it’s safe to say: this record is going to be awesome.


Mixing starts soon and, as long as everything stays on track, you can expect to start hearing some music around the start of summer! Check the Upcoming Gigs page to see where we’re playing next.